About Competencies Enhancement Programmes (CEPs)

Competencies Enhancement Programmes (CEP) at DMI are aimed at fostering - inter personal and social interaction; organising and mobilisation, techno-managerial; leadership and good governance, competencies. These programmes are offered to strengthen participatory governance and management of resources, institutions and enterprises to assure sustainable livelihoods and development. These include design and implement comprehensive development interventions, programmes and projects at multiple levels in an inclusive and empowering manner. Enhancing functional competencies of practitioners to improve efficiency as well as good governance competencies of persons in leadership positions are the focus of these programmes and address in-service capacity and institution building needs of executives and leaders working cooperatives, government, civil society, corporate and community based development organisation. In addition, short, medium or long term programmes sponsored by regional, national and international development organisations dove tailed to meet the specific capacity and institution building needs will also be on offer.

CEPs are an important activity of the institute for the realisation of its mission and vision, and are of two categories.

The first category of programmes are organisation-specific/ client-specific, and are designed and delivered as per the special requirements of individual organisations for their promoters, members, employees, and others identified by the organisations. DMI has already started working on CEPs for three of its major partners.

The second category of programmes are designed by the faculty of DMI, based on their interests and initiative to meet the needs of organisations associated with DMI. Such open programmes are communicated months in advance of their planned dates, to help the organisations sponsor the people to participate in them.

The CEPs range in duration from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon their scope, and may be conducted in-house at DMI or at a venue chosen by its client organisation.