About PGDM

DMI offers a two-year full-time Post-Graduate Programme in Development Management (PDM) for those who are aspiring for a fulfilling career as a Development Management Professional contributing to personal growth and social transformation. The PDM aims at preparing it’s graduated to achieve:
  • Personal growth by widening perspectives through interactive learning from foundational, functional and integrative courses, enriched by experiential learning and reflective dialoguing processes; and
  • Transformation into Development Management Professionals through exposure to contextual realities during Development Immersion, Enterprise Learning and Management Internship modules that involve living and working at development sites in situ.


The PDM Programme offers:

  • Interactive Classroom Learning in Management, Decision and Social Sciences from expert and experienced Faculty Team of Academicians & Practitioners.
  • Experiential Learning through Development Immersion, Enterprise Learning and Management Internship Placements in community, civil society, government and corporate organisations associated with DMI.
  • Merit-cum-Means Scholarships and facilitation of educational loans.
  • The PDM primarily focuses on imparting competencies necessary for management of resources, enterprises, institutions, and interventions, in an environment of participatory governance and stakeholder accountability. The curriculum is a fine mix of mutually reinforcing classroom learning and hands-on experiential learning interspersed at regular intervals and facilitated by a network of diverse institutional partners of DMI.
  • DMI focuses on praxis-oriented interactive learning is facilitated by a faculty team of career academics, practicing professionals and practitioner-turned academics endowed with domain expertise and experience.