DMI and Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development envisions striving for greater common good, promoting goodwill, balanced pursuit of individual and collective gains, ecologically harmonious and inclusive growth, and fulfilment of aspirations of all human beings. Synergetic functioning of Government, Business, Civil Society and Community Organizations promoting harmony and complementing or supplementing the deficiencies of one by the others is necessary for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The SDGs present an opportunity to approach, in a holistic manner, the current development challenges such as widening inequalities; social, political and economic marginalisation; and environmental degradation exacerbated by climate change. The progressive realisation of (i) social well-being of all beings including human within global environmental constraints; (ii) distributive justice in relation to employment, income, and access to resources and services; and (iii) gender and inter-generational equity, remains the key concern and requires immediate attention.
DMI recognises the fact that the need for professional management and good governance is far greater than it exists now to meet Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.